Saturday, April 25, 2015


When I started designing the BIKES and other stuff (much more to come...) I haD always wanted to just make a whole large ship from scratch, So I set to Design a SW type ship. I wanted it to be 100% original, but still evoke some SW style. My inspiration was the JAWA SANDCRAWLER vs. IMPERIAL SHUTTLE.

The concept was the easy part....


Then since it was a mock-up only I needed to create a disposable quick scaled model. When this was made I could (and did) trace all the parts to cut as templates and trace over plastic later. The main goal and hardship in creating from the sketch was getting the scale I wanted. The entire time holding a Clone Trooper figure next to parts as a size guide. This way I was able to have 2 levels inside of the transport. when I finalize the design and add the details inside.

Still not really happy with the wings and looking for other ideas.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Just being out and about I find all sorts of SW stuff. I almost always a pass but still fun to look back. Just laughing at the Prices places charge for things is often really crazy...

Vintage bedding set $20 (more than I would pay)

Mini lunch boxes, a steal at $3 bux. Too bad they had no ESB, so I had to  pass.

Comic Store outside Queens had a ton of stuff. All kinds of Episode 1 stuff (not just toys). Tons of Power of  the Force '95 figures, most .00 first run Red Cards and $5 (proving they are worthless). Walking in you can see they have a busted up (missing parts) BIG Toy's R Us  Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling. But the best draw was the Selection of Vintage in the backroom next to all the long boxes of comics. Funny part was all the non 70's-80's where the same price, but cost more then the same figures in package at the store! 

At a Rite-Aid. Wow they want too much...

More price hikes as Toy's R Us Express... Notice: "Disney watching" as it steals your money.

This also @ Toy's R Us Express was insulting. worst part is every store in the area is charging the same thing, THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE $25 FOR THE SET! Wish I would have not passed when Amazon had a final clear out, last year for only $14 a set (!). I bought other stuff instead (KREO ENTERPRISE's )

Fun 90's Fox documentary on history of SCI-FI movies. Found randomly at the NYC midtown Public Library. It was a nice free watch. The best part was the fox collection of like 40 SCI-FI  trailers. 

These which I had never seen or heard of @ CHELSEA MARKET's Posman Books.

$4 @ Harlem GoodWill  (Hard pass)


The fun part about buying old used figures is you get things all messed up and in need to be stored (saved). Yellowing happens from sun exposure. You can reverse this from just soaking the plastic in OXY CLEAN / HYDROGEN PEROXIDE,  in a glass jar, directly in the sunlight for many days (sometimes weeks). Its amazing what can be dyed in this process. As they get cleaner all post more photos.


A kiss for luck? 
(You can see the Stromtooper to the left is no longer yellow)


Awhile ago I found that I had to get over my fear of being cursed... Every SW toy I ever bought... I NEVER GOT!. This went on for over 10 years, until after a bought all sorts of non toys, did get I the courage To try again. Long story short I will post group pics or other photos of my finds.

Figures bought that I did not own yet or only had in package.

Bunch of figures for parts.

Some vintage figures came in this random box.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here is my current sorted box of parts.... heads, arms, legs, weapons, skirts/capes, GI-JOE parts etc....



I have more to go threw in the many lots acquired on eBay (see acquisitions blog posts for more info) and have been sorting further into mini bins bought at New England discount chain JOB LOT... which since its based in RI has in the past gotten many close outs from Hasbro including SW toys and figures.... (I remember cases of Complete Galaxy Collection and being glad I held out buying at mass retail and getting the bargain of $4.99 each!)

Bought (x3)

On shelves in RI...

Problem is the bins are shallow for my use so I've had to re-sort again and again. Good thing I purchased them on sale for $5 a pack. Might try and hang them with enclosed mount... but who knows. Just wanted to show my process and collection or parts.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


After missing many casting calls on  the customs contests I just had to do one. While a kit-bash it still looks okay. I'll have to give him a better paint job. At least he looks like a bounty hunter. First custom in over 10 years.